History of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan

History of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan

Largest Shia students organization in Pakistan since 1972! امامیہ اسٹوڈنٹس آرگنائزیشن پاکستان 

Founded on 22 May 1972 at University of Engineering and Technolgy, Lahore, Pakistan by a handful of motivated, pious and God – fearing Muslim Shia Students!

The Imamia Students Organization, known commonly as ISO, was establish on 22 May 1972. Imamia Students Organization is the largest students organization in Pakistan. There are 22 administrative division and more than 1200 units, covering all the 4 provinces of Pakistan, Tribal areas, Azad Jamu & Kashmir & Northern areas. All the units and divisions are firmly bonded to a strong and well-established center at Lahore.

It is the Organization of Imam al Mahdi (as.) and is working to hasten his return to establish the will of Allah on Earth. ISO is under the auspices of Rahber e Wilayat/ Wali el Faqih – Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenai. It has strong and deep rooted belief in Wilayat e Faqih! 

That is why Ayatullah Syed Ali Khamenai said about the youth of ISO: 
The Youth of ISO are the coolness of my Eyes.

This group is for those who are active members of ISO or who have ever been in their lives needless of wherever they might be in the world right now. Also, for those who are somehow related to it or are just shia students to join

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