ISO Convention is the source of motivation for its members.Br.Adil Bangash

ISO Convention is the source of motivation for its members.Br.Adil Bangash

Imamia Students Organization Pakistan former central president Br. Adil Bangash in his statement said that Imamia students Organization Pakistan’s central convention is the source of motivation for the members of ISO, upcoming 45th Central Naveed e Sehar convention is in array with past 44 conventions of ISO. He further said that ISO is the only organization in which there’s a unique custom of election on an interval of a year. Due to this unique culture ISO has been able to inject new blood into the main organizational stream thereby enthusiasm of its workers always remains at its peak he added.

Br. Adil Bangash said that Central Convention of ISO gives a good exposure to its participants from across the country and an opportunity to interact with the students and scholars of different backgrounds, while seminars and conferences in convention augment participant’s knowledge therefore Central Convention motivates and energizes the members of ISO to remain active throughout the year. Former Central President further said that ISO Naveed e Sahar convention is of great significance in the contemporary era because rapid changes in global political scenario is due to the unity in the evil powers and to counter them are the people who are working for Imam e Zamana (ajtf), We belive that justice can be prevailed in the world as soon as Imam (ajtf) will show his presence publicly. Br. ADil Bangash further said that the name of 45th convention of ISO is kept as Naveed e Sahar which is according to the contemporary situation of the world.   

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